June 9, 2019

The best
climbs of Vienna
on a single day

Only uphill counts!

9. Juni 2019
16 climbs • 110km • 2400hm

The Rules

All the climbs have to be mastered on the day of the event between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m. in the stated direction.

All climbs are defined as Strava segements.

Only fully crossed segments count.

If you cross a segment more than once on the day of the event the first crossing counts.

You can go on your own or in a group.

The given route is to help you find around if you are no local to Vienna. You don’t have to follow the route between the segments.

Every participant has to accept all rules, most of all the Austrian Road Traffic Regulations and has to show respect for other users.

All kind of bicycles are allowed as long as they have no engine. Even between the segments no means of transport other than bicycles are allowed.


To register for the event a STRAVA account and access to it to read data is mandatory as well es am membership in the VELETAGE-STRAVA-Club and a registration for the STRAVA-Event „VELO VERTICAL VIENNE 2019“ before June 9, 2019, 05:59.

Participation is free.


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